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There has been an increased number of Morgan Creek/Cedar Ridge at Morgan Creek Covenants, Conditions and Restrictions (CCRs) Violations around the Neighborhood and we need your help to mitigate the problems. The below are not meant to represent all potential violations within our Covenants; rather, are representation of the most prevalent. It is every Homeowner's responsibility to familiarize themselves with and follow the Morgan Creek CCR's and By-Laws. 


Each homeowner holding deed to a property or properties in Morgan Creek and all sections of Cedar Ridge at Morgan Creek filed as Morgan Creek Homeowners Association is required to abide by the Covenants, Conditions, and Restrictions (CCRs) as filed with the Canadian County Clerk. Covenants, Conditions, and Restrictions are covered in Oklahoma Statute, Title 60.



Boats/Watercraft/Trailers/Recreational Vehicles are NOT ALLOWED to be stored between the building line and front property line. They may be stored at the rear or side of the residence (side storage is not allowed on corner lots) providing they are behind a fence or in the garage. See the Design Guidelines of the covenants for more information. Temporary parking in the driveway is acceptable when prepping for use or upon return. Homeowners shall notify the HOA if extended parking time is required. The HOA Board is the approval authority for extended parking requests. Parking in excess of 48 hours without Board approval will be deemed a violation.



Street parking is restricted in Morgan Creek/Cedar Ridge at Morgan Creek. All vehicles must be parked in the garage or driveway and not in any street or thoroughfare within Morgan Creek/Cedar Ridge at Morgan Creek. Doing so negatively affects traffic flow within the neighborhood as well as creates potential safety hazards. The Board’s goal is to address the routine street parking of homeowners and not necessarily those occasions where street parking may occur as a result of family gatherings and such. The Board will also rely on the input of homeowners to help us identify problem street parking. At no time will vehicles be parked in such a way that prevents the normal delivery of mail to a residence.



Trash containers SHALL NOT be located on the front portion of any lot. Trash containers WILL as a minimum, be stored to the side or rear of the structure when not placed out for pick up. This is in line with Oklahoma City Municipal Code 49-45. Trash containers stored to the side of the structure SHALL BE neatly placed and SHALL NOT have items protruding from the top and the lid shall be completely closed until placed at curb for pick up. Trash containers SHALL NOT be placed out before 7:00 PM, or sunset, whichever is sooner, the day before pickup and SHALL be stored properly no later than 8:00 PM the day after pickup in accordance with Oklahoma City Municipal Code 49-45. Storage guidance is Board amended from Exhibit B, Para 2, item v, of theCCR's.



Yards SHALL be maintained in a presentable condition at all times. All open areas on lots MUST present a mowed/maintained appearance. This will ensure a pleasant setting as well as deter the growth of weeds and rodent/reptile infestations. Large bare areas MUST BE reseeded/re-sodded and weeds MUST NOT be allowed to overtake established lawns. Grass/weeds SHALL NOT be allowed to encroach over driveway or sidewalk areas or be allowed to grow in such. Visible flower/plant beds MUST also be maintained and weed free. See CCR's Article 7 and the second amendment to the CCR's item 3 for more information.



Basketball goals, both fixed and portable MUST BE maintained in good repair in accordance with Morgan Creek Covenants, Conditions and Restrictions, Exhibit B, Initial Use and Restriction Rules, Para 2, Item y. No backboard SHALL BE affixed to the

home. Portable basketball goals SHALL NOT be placed in any street or on any sidewalk within Morgan Creek and Cedar Ridge at Morgan Creek. Portable basketball goals SHALL NOT be weighted down with sand bags, concrete blocks, bricks or any other unsightly material as determined by the Board. Portable basketball goals MUST remain in an upright position at all times when placed on the outside of a lot.



Those renting/leasing properties within Morgan Creek and Cedar Ridge at Morgan Creek are subject to the same rules and regulations set forth in our covenants, restrictions and promulgated rules. Homeowners that rent/lease their properties either personally or through a property management company ARE REQUIRED by our governing documents to notify the Board of any rent/lease agreement within 10 days of execution of said rent/lease agreement. Homeowners ARE REQUIRED to provide tenants with copies of all covenants, conditions and restrictions (CCRs) as well as provide verification to the Board that this requirement has been met.


NOTE: The Morgan Creek Homeowners Association Board in conjunction with the Morgan Creek Developer, notified all Homeowners that as of May 15th, 2017 the Board implemented the ability to fine homeowners who fail to abide by the established Neighborhood CCRs.


As a reminder of the fine protocol, homeowners receiving three (3) violation notices for the same violation within a twelve (12) month time frame will be assessed a $100.00 fine. Failure to pay assessments will result in a lien being placed upon the property and possible collection actions.


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